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The Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools

Standing together with our community to unlock opportunity and secure achievement for all.

Welcometo our Federation

Executive Head TeacherMr David England

School Logo

The Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools

Standing together with our community to unlock opportunity and secure achievement for all.


Who’s Who

Meet the Riders Team! 


2020 - 2021


Executive Head Teacher:    David England

Head of Infants:     Samantha Norris                     Head of Juniors:      Kati Dawkins

Infant Inclusion Leader:   Karen Finch                Junior Inclusion Leader:    Carole Fenton


Year Group

Class Teacher 


Year R  Rabbits

Mrs Clayton


Lorraine Cripps

Louise Young

Year R  Badgers

Mrs  Hotchkiss

(Year R Leader)

Rachel Tomkinson

Kirsty McLauchlan

Year R  Hedgehogs

Miss White


Korine Dray

Chelsea Harper

Year 1  Kingfishers

Mrs Birch and Miss Hills (Miss Strudwick on maternity leave)


Kirsty Brewer

Dawn Jackson

Year 1  Squirrels

Miss Rooney


Hazel Phelan

Sara Lewis 

Year 2  Foxes

Miss Moore



Louise Warwick

Year 2  Moles

Mrs Allen


Katie Parker

Year 2  Owls


Mr Addison

(Years 1 and 2 Leader)

Carol Bray

Year 3   Giraffes

Mrs Williams

(Year 3 Leader)

Claire Hamilton

Mary Berry

Year 3   Meerkats

Miss Brindley

Christina Limburn

Nicola Burrows

Year 4   Dolphins

Miss Smith


Lisa Murray and Lisa Sutton

Year 4   Ostriches

Mr Winterman


Sharon Rogers

Katie Burrows

Year 4   Penguins

Miss Buston

(Year 4 Leader)

Katie Batten

Heidi Salmon

Year 5  Whales

Mrs Hughes


Heidi Johnson and Ray Camp

Gena Cortopassi (across Year 5)

Year 5  Pandas

Mrs Haydon

(Year 5 Leader)

Na’ima Bradbury

Julie Rolfe

Year 5  Sea Turtles

Mr Hooper


Jenny Harrison

Gena Cortopassi (across Year 5)

Year 6  Gorillas

Mrs Facer

Farhana Choudhury


Year 6  Lions

Mrs O’Neill

(Year 6 Leader)

Emma Bradley

Year 6  Sharks

Miss Martin


Mel Hepworth

Leanne Banham



School Role Staff Member
Home School Link Workers Paula Wakeham and Karen Pagdin
Pastoral Leader James Harris 
School Counsellor Natasha Jacobs and Katie Jerram 
ELSAs Jenny Spiteri, Yasmine Bradbury, Judith Kerridge, Sarah Ware, Alison Smith
HLTAs Dawn Jackson, Carina Waller, Toni Hunt, Lauren Smith, Sarah Moxham
Sports Coach Dan Mortimer
Senior Lunchtime Supervsors

Diane King and Yasmine Bradbury

School Business Manager Emma Wilkins
Leadership PA Nicki Emery 
Admissions and Attendance Manager Julie Belcher
Attendance Officer  Donna Kenny 
Finance Assistants  Hayley Ainsley and Kim Bekker
Administrative Assistant  Jackie Barnes 
Site Manager  
Caretaker Sean Pagdin
Site Team  Jennifer Davies, Sandra Kennedy, Christine Thomas , Sarah Garvey , Carol Little, Tracy Langridge , Lucy Purkiss, Hazel Misselbrook
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants  Lauren Clayburn, Jennifer Davies, Korine Dray, Tracy Langridge, Louise Lewis, Rachel Tomkinson, Margaret Watts, Sharon White, Charlene Jones, Jessica Smith, Stefanie Gallivan, Loretta Armstrong, Katie Batten, Josephine Casey-Holt, Gena Cortopassi, Scott Etherington, Claire Hamilton, Carol Knight, Evelyn Male, Hazel Misselbrook, Sarah Osbourne, Jayne Plater, Vanessa Plumbley, Rebecca Taylor, Susan Smith-Taylor, Samantha Johnson. 

In their time with us at Riders, your child will also benefit from visiting teachers and practitioners to support and enhance our provision.