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The Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools

Standing together with our community to unlock opportunity and secure achievement for all.

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Executive Head TeacherMr David England

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The Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools

Standing together with our community to unlock opportunity and secure achievement for all.


School Improvement and Self-Evaluation

Overview of School Improvement Priorities 2021 - 2022

To develop leadership capacity and its effectiveness across the federation, so that there is a consistent and effective approach to school improvement, its planning, monitoring and evaluation of impact, by:


  • Developing the role of Year Leaders, so that they have a stronger overview of the performance of pupils and groups of pupils within their year groups, have a strong knowledge of the strengths and areas of development in their year groups, in order to work with senior leaders to support and challenge teachers, model best practice and drive improvements.
  • Developing the roles of English and Maths Leaders, so that there is a clear learning journey across the federation that imparts the skills and knowledge of the national curriculum, ensures that it is progressive and meets the needs of pupils.
  • To continue to implement and cement the newly designed curriculum across the federation, ensuring that it it is broad balanced and deep in skills and knowledge; specifically by developing the roles of middle leaders, with curriculum subject responsibilities, to effectively monitor, evaluate the curriculum and its impact and effectiveness, becoming increasingly skilled to support staff and embed the curriculum further. 
  • Developing SEND provision further to ensure that those children identified as having SEND needs, are having their needs met within high quality inclusive teaching and learning and, where needed, interventions. To ensure that the graduated approach is fully implemented and that children and parents are fully involved in the 'plan, do, review' process throughout the year, and that teachers take ownership of and become increasingly skilled and effective in adapting teaching and learning, and provision to meet the individual needs of pupils. 
  • Increase pupil voice and leadership with, House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, Junior Librarians, Play Leaders, Plant Clean Up Pioneers, School Council.  


To improve the quality of teaching and learning, raising standards and expectations, particularly in reading, writing and maths, for all pupils by:


  • The Riders Lesson is fully and consistently implemented across the whole federation, leading to high expectations, consistency in teaching and learning across the federation, and seamless transition.  
  • Developing a greater understanding of assessment for learning, from that within lessons, from lesson to lesson and then onto longer term formative and summative assessments, so that interventions, marking and next steps accurately inform planned future teaching and learning.
  • Developing further the effectiveness of the teaching of reading across the federation, including the introduction of a consistent phonics and early reading programme (Read, Write INC) and Guided Reading training. 
  • Developing the roles of the adults in pupil provision and within the classroom, so that all adults work more effectively in delivering teaching and learning provision, especially in relation to meeting the needs of vulnerable pupils and those pupils with SEND. This is to include training for Learning Support Assistants. 
  • Ensuring that learning opportunities are more bespoke and that no learning time is wasted by using assessment for learning to ‘cut’ and ‘peel’ and maximise learning opportunities, increasing expectations and tools to ensure that pupils develop greater positive attitudes and to their learning, with an increased independence and interdependence focus and pupil involvement in the decisions around their learning, self and peer assessment. Including the development of the learning environment to support and enhance this and showcase outcomes.
  • Making planning, teaching and learning, particularly in reading, writing and maths, focused on age appropriate, lengthy and meaningful learning journeys that lead to high end outcomes and build upon prior content and assessment for learning.
  • Teachers working with leaders to make accurate judgments on pupil’s learning and next steps, so that assessments become more accurate and lead to higher expectations and outcomes.
  • Teachers and LSAs have an increased ownership and accountability for the teaching, learning and outcomes of pupils with SEND and, for those pupils who find positive behaviours and learning difficult, supported by the Inclusion Leader and Behavioural Support Leader.


To improve pupils' attitudes and behaviours to learning and increasing attendance by:


  • Improving provision, so that it is highly inclusive and robustly planned to meet the individual needs of pupils. 
  • Continuing to create a positive culture where pupils are highly valued and relationships are positive and strong. 
  • To increase the proportion of time that pupils attend school. 
  • To increase the range of clubs and opportunities for pupils, so that they build interests, confidence, self-esteem, and more positive social and emotional skills. 
  • Providing ongoing training and development for Lunchtime Supervisors, so that they effectively engage in meaningful play with the children, facilitate meaningful play between the children and, ensure that lunchtimes are a positive experiences for all children.