Food and Drink

Hot School Dinners

Here at Riders we believe that the hot school dinner option is much better for the children’s learning and health. We recognise the evidence that states

  • Children are better prepared for learning if they eat well
  • Children make more progress if they have eaten the right nutritional lunch
  • Only 1% of packed lunches provide the correct nutrition
  • Eating hot dinners is an important social occasion and the children learn vital social skills.

All children in the Infant School are entitled to a free, hot, healthy meal at lunchtime provided by HC3S. Children in the Junior School receive a free meal if they are entitled (see information below) or you can purchase a school dinner for £2.40.  This will consist of a main meal, including vegetables or salad, potatoes, pasta or rice.  Plus a dessert choice of ice-cream, fruit jelly or a homemade pudding.  Water is also served with lunch.  The meals are all cooked on the school premises.

Lunch time is an important part of the school day where children are learning healthy eating habits and boosting their energy levels ready for learning in the afternoon.

The children select their choice, either meat/fish meal or vegetarian meal each morning. It is an important part for your child’s independence and morning routine to choose their meal.  So please read the menus to them and ask them to make their own choice.

Menus are on a three week cycle and are available at the school office. The menus are completely nut-free and free from over 70 artificial colours and preservatives that can affect a child’s behaviour.  We can even cater for children with medically proven allergies.

Throughout the year we arrange events which include inviting parents to sample our healthy meals, and we appreciate your comments, in order to help us to continually improve the lunch time experience.

To check the menu for school lunches, click here.

To download a copy, click here

Packed Lunch

If your child prefers to bring in a packed lunch from home it is vital that everyone adhere to our school policy of no fish (currently Infants only) and no nuts or nut products in lunch boxes, this includes e.g. peanut butter, nut based chocolate spreads, cereal bars with nuts, pistachio nuts, etc.


Free School Meals for Junior School Children

If you are in receipt of any of the following, you need to complete an application form, which is available from the school office or click here for the link to the website:-

Income Support

Income-based Job Seekers Allowance

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

The Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit, provided you are not also entitled to Working Tax Credit, and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190 as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Healthy Snacks

At the Infant School all children have fruit or vegetables during the school morning at snack time.

At the Junior School, there is a Tuck Shop which is open at break time. Children may choose from a number of items including fresh fruit and drinks and costs range between 20p and 50p.   Alternatively, parents may choose to send their children in with fruit or fresh vegetables to eat at break times.


Water is available throughout the day from water coolers situated throughout the school. Every child is provided with a water bottle when they start school, for use in class.  Replacement bottles are available from the school office at a cost of 80p.


The government provide free milk at snack time for all children aged under 5 years. If your child is entitled to pupil premium or you claim free school meals, your child will also be entitled to free milk, you will need to come into the school office to arrange this.  Milk is available at a subsidised price of 22p per day for all who register to pay for it with Cool Milk, for this the children will receive a 189ml portion of semi-skimmed milk every day, delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom.  Cool Milk is available to all children so please contact the school office for further information.