Our children are growing up in a world of ever-changing technology.  This brings many benefits, both in and out of school.  However, we are also very aware of the risks that children can be exposed to via the internet.

Protecting your children online

The best way to protect your child online is to be informed and involved.  Talking about your child’s internet use and sharing time online together will allow you to check that your child is using the internet and social media appropriately for their age (many social media sites have an age restriction of 13).  It will also provide opportunities for your child to discuss any activity that has puzzled or upset them.

Below are some useful links to provide more information about protecting your child online:

NSPCC  – How to protect your child online  nspcc

Childline – If you need to talk childline

CEOP– If you need help immediately ceop

Childnet – What Do I need To Know? childnet-logo-720x240



The organisation National Online Safety have created a range of guides for parents based around the sorts of websites and games that children might be playing. There are often age limits (usually 13) for these sorts of sites.  These guides will help you to understand how the sites work and how to keep your children safe. We have shared them on our website with the permission of National Online Safety. Their website is here: https://beta.nationalonlinesafety.com/

Click on a picture to download the guides as PDF files, they are quite large so may take a while to download. If you are having problems, please use this link: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/guides  (a free login is required)