Key transition dates
 Week beginning 29th June – we will be posting videos from the teachers and key workers on our Facebook page

 13th July – log in to Tapestry to find out your child’s class and key group

 Week beginning 13th July – interactive story session from class teacher via zoom, plus Tapestry challenge

 August – Tapestry challenges, home challenge, video tour of the EY indoor and outdoor classrooms

Key dates for September
 INSET Days – 3rd and 4th September

 The weeks beginning the 7th and 14th September – home visits and stay and play sessions

 The week beginning 21st September – Part time sessions, 2 mornings, 2 afternoons and Friday morning with lunchtime

 Children are in school full time from 28th September 2020

What should I do now?
 Send back all the paperwork if you haven’t already

 Log in to Tapestry, contact the office if you have any issues

 Support your child to take part in the upcoming challenges

 Letters detailing home visits and September entry pattern will be coming before the summer

 Contact the school if you have any concerns or questions