Our Staff

Executive Head: Lisa Dunning

Heads of Schools: Claire Linfield and Sue Holdway

Office Staff

Business Manager: Debbie Young

SIMS, Attendance and Admission Manager: Julie Belcher

Finance Assistants: Nicola Emery and Hayley Ainsley

Admin Assistants: Martina Jelbart and Jackie Barnes

All of our classes are named after animals which demonstrate particular behaviours.  For example, Meerkats collaborate, Dolphins empathise and Orangutans investigate.  We learn about the behaviours of the different animals and incorporate these skills and approaches into our learning in order to build our learning power.

Early Years

Teachers: Meerkats – Amy Hudson (Year Leader); Elephants – Sian Rooney

Support Staff: Jemma Heather, Charlie Petit, Louise Young, Korine Dray and Judith Kerridge

Year 1

Teachers: Zebras – Hannah Birch and Amy Foster (Year Leader) ; Foxes –  Linda Allen ; Peacocks –  Anna Hotchkiss.

Support Staff:  Hazel Phelan, Rachel Tomkinson, Katie Parker, Vickie Cripps, Louise Warwick, Kirstie Brewer and Sandi Chandler

Year 2

Teachers: Butterflies – Irene Cruickshank (Year Leader);  Giraffes – Kate Vaughan and Claire Tunnicliffe; Magpies – Amber Gillespie

Support Staff: Carol Bray, Donna Kenny, Laura Blofield, Kirsty McLauchlan, Joshua Day, Vickie Cole and Sarah Ware

Year 3

Teachers: Dolphins – Juliet Hamilton (Year Leader); Chameleons – Ian Addison (Year Leader); Owls – Louise Newson.

Support Staff: Mary Berry, Claire Hamilton, Katie Batten, Karen McCarthy, Mel Hepworth and Gena Cortopassi

Year 4

Teachers: Leopards –  Alex O’Neill (Year Leader); Chimpanzees – Matt Winterman; Cats – Louise Brown.

Support Staff: Gill Sharp, Julie Rolfe and Alice Cruickshank.

Year 5

Teachers :Raccoons – Amy Church (Year Leader);  Siobhan Hughes -Turtles; Whales – Holly Martin.

Support Staff: Heidi Salmon, Farharna Choudhury, Charmaine Graham, Katie Batten, Claire Hamilton and Emma Bradley

Year 6

Teachers:Bees –  Laura Parkins (Year Leader); Bears – Helen Adams and Suzy Wilson;  Orangutans – Lauren Stapleton.

Support Staff: Leanne McDonald, Catherine Oatley, Nicky Burrows, Lita Hampe, Gena Cortopassi and Mel Hepworth.


On Maternity leave: Nikki Strudwick.

Lead Practitioner: Claire Tunnicliffe.

Inclusion Leader and Reading Recovery Teacher: Karen Finch.

Inclusion Coordinator: Laura Rowden.

ELSA: Infant School: Judith Kerridge, Sandi Chandler and Sarah Ware.

Junior School: Jenny Spiteri and Yasmin Bradbury.

Sports Coach:  Dan Mortimer.

HLTAs: Toni Hunt, Sarah Moxham, Carina Waller, Dawn Jackson and Lauren Smith.

PPA Cover: Emma Pullinger and Mandy Clayton

Numbers Count: Louise Rowlands.

ECC: Vanessa Long.

Reading Recovery: Helen Green and Sharon Pogorzelski.

Counsellors: Debbie Green and Kim Skinner.

Speech and Language Therapist: Jenny Hinton.

Home School Link Workers: Paula Wakeham and Karen Kierstenson.

Site Manager: Paul Monk.

Caretaker: Sean Pagdin.

Lunchtime Senior Supervisory Assistants – Elaine Newton and Judith Kerridge.